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What are the Processes of NGO Registration in India

NGOs or Non-Government Organizations are non-profit bodies that work solely for the benefit of society.  These entities function on their own.  In India, there are various ways to register these organisations.  NGO Registration in India can be done in three ways – (a) a trust, (b), a society, or (c) section 8 organizations. 

The activities of these non-governmental organizations are spread widely.  They work continuously for social change in developing countries and communities leading to the betterment of the lives of common people.  Let’s go through the various aspects of NGO registration in India. 

Various processes for registering NGOs

As stated above, non-government organizations are classified into three types.  While applying, you have to know the type and follow the rules that are enshrined in the laws.  Now we will know about the registration processes for various types of these bodies. 

  1. Trust Registration: 

The trust registration process involves –

  1. Choosing an apt name:  The first thing that should be done while registering a trust is selecting an appropriate name for it.  While applying you should keep in mind that the name does not figure in the list of restricted names as per the provisions of the Emblems and Names Act, 1950.
    1. Trust deed drafting:  One of the crucial things that needs to be done before applying for registration of NGOs are drafting the trust deed. It is an important document that contains all the registration information. The deed must be presented before the Registrar during the registration process. 
    1. Choosing settlers and trustees:  Next comes the process of choosing the settlers and trustees of the trust.  Though there are no specific provisions regarding the number of settlers and trustees.  However, a minimum of two trustees is needed to establish a trustee. 
  2. Section 8 Company Registration: 

The Section 8 company registration process of an NGO includes –

  1. Applying for a Digital Signature Certificate:  The first step of registering your Section 8 Company is applying for a Digital Signature Certificate.  It is required for affixing the signature to the electronic form. 
  2. Reservation of Company Name:  Like another type of company registration, the reservation of Section 8 Company name is similar.  To do it, you just have to click on the “SPICE+” form under “MCA Services”. This form is used for company name reservations. 

Apart from these, you also have to submit the SPICE+ PART A form for reservation of name and incorporation of the company.  After this, you have to download the SPICE+PART B form in PDF for incorporation.  At Lexproadvice, we offer a variety of Incorporate LLP in Kolkata services

  • Registration Process of NGO as a Society: 

In this process, the founders must first choose a name for the society that is out of the box, and also prepare the Memorandum of the Society.  Other processes include: 

  1.  Preparing the documents:  For the purpose of registration of an NGO as a society, some documents need to be prepared by duly signing them.  These documents are: 
  2. Proof of Address of the workspace
  3. Proof of Identity of all members
  4. Two copies each of the Memorandum of Association and also of Society By-laws. 
    1.  Application filing:  The signed memorandum along with the rules and regulations should be filed by the applicant with the respective Registrar of Societies in the State along with the prescribed fee. 

Lexproadvice is one of the leading Private Company Closing Services in Kolkata.  We offer a wide variety of services which include Income Tax Return Filing, Private Limited Company registration, GST registration, and much more.  When you become aware of the various processes of NGO registration in India, it becomes a lot easier to complete the specific processes needed for your organization type. 

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